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The Real Wings, Inc. is an organization designed to be a positive interactive program to bring confidence and pride to teen and preteen young ladies and boys. R.E.A.L stands for Realist, Enthusiastic, Adaptable, and Loving. W.I.N.G.S stands for Where Impressive Notable Girls Shine. This organization will teach etiquette, poise, finance, health, and spiritual awareness in ways that they will enjoy.


Growing up in today’s world is challenging and young ladies and boys need to be fortified with resources to face those challenges. They can learn to be their best selves and develop coping skills to maintain healthy relationships throughout. They will learn in a way that is fun, motivating and informative to help them discover their inner strengths and outer worth.


The young ladies and boys have potential, goodness, ideals, dreams and greatness. They are not meant to crawl, they have wings, which they will learn to use and fly.


If we can change the way we think, we will change the way we act, we can then change our family, which can inspire change our community.

Our Mission

To mentor youth by building their confidence to help them build healthy attitudes and behavior, realize their full potential of self-empowerment to transform and edify their lives through etiquette training and character building. 

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Our Mission

Our Vision

To transform the lives of young people through etiquette training and opportunities to discover their inner strengths and outer worth to inspire the way they think and act.

We need your support!

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